Mona Brooks

LMBT, Certified Rossiter Coach

“Meeting Kathy Howard is the paramount reason that I committed to The Rossiter System.  Just observing her devotion and expertise to the work has been an inspiration.  As an instructor, she is focused and precise.  she has the balance of offering gentle but yet commanding instruction in the classroom. She is gifted in presenting clear and easy to understand information.  Her classes are simply fun and engaging, making you want to come back for more.  She has also been a great support person to respond to questions and concerns when I am out practicing on my own.  An instructor that students can rely on and depend on in a pinch to go the extra distance. I am truly thankful to have found The Rossiter System and Kathy Howard!”  

Angela W. Griffin

“AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS of CONSTANT SHOULDER PAIN…..Rossiter has cured me! One session…..and I am pain free! I am SO excited. Rossiter is the most amazing thing that has happened to me in years. I have tried Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Work, Physical Therapy, Pain Killers, Ice Packs, Heat Packs, Massage Tools, A TENS Machine, Stretching Exercises, Liniments………I have been to at LEAST 10 different doctors through the years and spent literally thousands of dollars to get even a LITTLE relief. I am STILL just blown away that after ONE SESSION with you…….my pain is GONE! ”  

Chip Slaughter

“I had severe tendonitis in my right elbow and had extreme pain even lifting my gym bag into my SUV.  I was scheduled for a cortisone shot when I saw Kathy Howard and she asked me to try the Rossiter workout first.  After 2 workouts my pain had significantly decreased.  I am very thankful I ran into Kathy and would recommend anyone with any pain to simply give it a try, and be their own judge”.

Tom Thompson, High Point,


Hi Kathy, I just wanted to say thanks for the treatment Friday at the expo; I feel sure that your work on my calves helped get me through the marathon and meet the Boston qualifying time. Best wishes in your practice

Lori Hiatt

Occupational Therapist, Certified Rossiter Coach

“Kathy is extremely patient even when I repeatedly made the same mistake over and over. She is concise explaining the techniques and it is clear that The Rossiter System is a passion for her. I have enjoyed both Level 1 & Level 2 with her.”